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Automatic data transfer to keep.eu. What is it? How can programmes do it?

Interreg, Interreg-IPA cross-border, and ENI-CBC programmes can take advantage of automatic data transfer to keep.eu. Automatic data transfer can be enabled directly from any programme’s monitoring system.

Keep.eu’s data structure and fields are defined in two different XSD files (XML Schema Definition). One XSD is developed for Interreg and Interreg-IPA cross-border programmes and one for ENI-CBC programmes. In order to use automatic data transfer the programme needs to generate an XML file from XSD and then transfer the XML file to keep.eu’s FTP server using SFTP protocol.

The whole process can be automated and the XML file should always include all project-partner-call data. The recommended data transfer frequency is once every two months and the minimum frequency is once every month if a programme considers there are constantly many changes to the data.

In order to start sending data directly from a programme’s monitoring system, the programme at hand should contact the keep.eu team for the SFTP credentials and to make sure that the XML file is correctly generated.

Programmes will need to download one of the XSD files:

Even though the process is automated, these files go through the keep.eu data-validation and processing and there is a possibility for the programmes to edit the data before it’s published in keep.eu. This means that any programme can have a full control of their data in keep.eu.