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Funding criteria: What is included in Projects and documents’ funding criteria?

This is the cluster of project-and-document search criteria, or filters, that include types of programme, programming periods and programmes.

For each of the individual filters, please refer to their respective FAQ entries:

Keep.eu users can either use any of these criteria separately or together with other criteria of a completely different nature (e.g., geography, project timing, etc.).

They can also simplify their search for individual programmes by narrowing down their numbers. They can do this by selecting, ahead of the individual programmes, either their programming period or their type, or both.

For example, if a user is looking for information about Interreg cross-border projects financed by a handful of 2000-2006 cross-border programmes, they would benefit from selecting, before the programmes of their interest, their programming period (2000-2006), and their type ( Interreg cross-border). Thus, instead of having to select from a list of close to 300 programmes, they would only have 62 programmes to choose from, in the drop-down menu ‘Programmes’.