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Partners (2)

Lead Partner: Politecnico di Milano

Address: polo regionale di como via anzani 42, 22100 COMO, Italy

Legal status: n/a

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Name: Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Address: Via Garofalo 39, 20133 MILANO, Italy

Legal status: n/a


Project name (IT): Business e Innovazione Senza Frontiere

Project acronym: BISF

Period: 2007-2013

Project start date: 2009-03-01

Project end date: 2012-02-29

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1 089 851.58

European Union funding: EUR 630 800.89

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Polytechnic University of Milan

Business e Innovazione Senza Frontiere

Partners and Projects info
Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Business e Innovazione Senza Frontiere

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2007 - 2013 Italy - Switzerland (IT-CH)

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