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How do programmes share 2021-2027 project, partner and call data with keep.eu?

Keep.eu contains relevant and easily searchable information of Interreg programmes, projects, partners and calls since 2000. To keep it relevant and easily searchable, a clear structure of fields, formats and links among fields is in place. This structure for the 2021-2027 period was agreed between 2021 and 2022 within the keep.eu 3.0 Group (a stakeholder group participated by programmes, project partners, member States and the European Commission) and deployed in 2023 and 2024. All project, partner and call data fields in keep.eu are clearly described here.

Interreg programmes operating in the 2021-2027 programming period can easily share updated data on their projects, partners, and calls using one of the following two methods.

For the programmes using Jems: There is a dedicated keep.eu plugin that can be easily installed on Jems, and once access has been given to Interact there are no additional efforts needed from the programmes. The plugins are embedded in the Jems core package but can also be installed separately. For Jems version 9, the plugin can be downloaded here and Jems version 10 here. Documentation on the Jems keep.eu plugin is available in the Jems documentation (here).

The programmes not using Jems can download the XSD and JSON files from here to quickly export the data from their monitoring systems and send to keep.eu. Interact also prepared a file to help programmes better understand the context of those XSD and JSON files (here).

In both cases, should there be any doubts, programmes can refer to the FAQ entry on the 2021-2027 project, partner and call data in keep.eu, here, or contact the keep.eu team at Interact.