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Documents: What is a document for keep.eu, how can an exact document be found in keep.eu?

Besides information about the projects themselves, keep. eu also contains project documents, i.e., documents produced about projects, either by the partners working on these projects or by the programmes financing them.

The keep.eu team began document collection in 2018, and the first time a document search function came about in keep.eu was in 2020.

Project documents in keep.eu are collected after projects’ end. Interact collects these documents from the websites of the programmes financing the projects, or from the project websites themselves. Programmes can also send to keep.eu documents regarding their projects.

How to search for documents in keep.eu

Document search starts with project search. Because each document is listed under one or more projects, users can search project documents by filtering the projects according to their needs.

Additionally, documents are classified – and searchable – by language and by type.

Once all the filters are in place, users can click Search and switch to document view.

The number of listed languages increases with the diversity of document languages stored in the database.

As for the types of project documents that make up the full system of document classification (typology) of keep.eu, all 15 are shown as follows.

  • Book
  • Brochure / magazine
  • Flyer
  • Media release / article
  • Report
  • Project’s final report
  • Study / survey
  • Presentation
  • Inventory
  • Database
  • Map
  • Catalogue
  • Video / film
  • Audio material / podcast
  • Website / webtool / webforum / cooperative platform

Important note: Keep.eu features documents containing in their name the phrase ‘draft’, since these are usually proposals from one programme body to another, and can thus be valuable to users.