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URL. Get results’ URL, what is it? Why is it needed?

The feature that allows users in keep.eu to produce a URL to which they can always return for updated results is useful for periodic searches with the same filters. It is especially useful when these searches use many different filters.

This feature is also very useful to keep documents updated at all times. All users need to do is to copy these search-results’ URLs to their documents and they can be sure that the search results in those links will always be up-to-date. This can definitely be a plus for their own readers or users.

Once the first search is done and the user confirms that the filters used in this search are the correct ones (according to the summary shown on the results page), they can get this search URL and keep it. To get updated results the next time, they just need to use this very same URL and keep.eu will show the updated results for the same exact search.

The URLs thus produced by keep.eu are very long, because they contain all the search criteria of any given search.

This can pose problems if one needs to use these URLs in software that limits the length of the URLs contained in its links. To understand how it’s possible to work around this issue, check the FAQ entry URL. Get results’ URL, how to shorten the URLs?