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Maps. How to use the map to select countries and regions?

In the Countries & Regions section, and when clicking on the select on map icon in the search criteria in the Projects section, a special on-map selection widget is shown. This map allows the selection of geographic areas to be used to search data in keep.eu. Areas can be countries and NUTS regions from level 0 down to 4 (where applicable). Countries and regions can be selected/deselected in the following way:

  • Use NUTS buttons available on the left side of the map to choose the desired NUTS level
  • To select an area in the current NUTS level just click on the map, the corresponding geographical area will be highlighted
  • To deselect a previously selected area, select the corresponding NUTS level and just click again on the hilighted area to remove it from the selection.

The on-map selection tool allows multiple regions selection, even at different NUTS levels.

Please note: selected areas are listed in coloured boxes just below the map, where an autocompleting search field is also placed to allow a textual search of geographical areas. Previously selected areas can be easily removed from the current selection by clicking the “x” button inside the coloured box.