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Partner contacts. How does this work in keep.eu?

Keep.eu receives partner contacts from the programmes that send project information to the database. Among the information that programmes send is information about partners.

Interact does not disclose partner contact details. Instead, registered keep.eu users can send messages to the email addresses stored in keep.eu by using a simple form that shows no contact details (in section Partners). It’s simple, promotes networking based on the strengths of the different organisations, and respects personal data.

Registered users can also opt for entering their own profile to the database. This includes their contact details. Their details will be treated as those of the remaining partner. Keep.eu never discloses partner contact details.

On the other hand, registered users can only contact partners in the keep.eu database by disclosing to those partners their own email address, in the form provided in section Partners. This is makes it possible for the contacted organisations to reply.

Partner emails in the keep.eu database are validated every three months. This guarantees that registered users are indeed contacting the organisations that they intend to contact, according to the information provided by the keep.eu website.

Interact validates partner emails every three months and never discloses them.