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Partner intensity. What is it?

The partner intensity displays are also known as heat maps.

In keep.eu, the tiles map gives an indication (LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH) of the total number of partners (both lead and project partners) involved in the projects corresponding to the search criteria of the given query in a particular NUTS-3 region or a region around a non-European Union partner. Red dots are semi-transparent and centered on the partners’ positions. The more partners are in the same area, the more dots are overlapped and the darker is the shade of red (hence the name heat maps).

Each region is categorised, and consequently coloured, as one with a low, medium or high number of partners.

The lower and upper limits of each category are calculated assuming that all partners have the same probability of being in each NUTS3 region. Consequently, the number of partners per region follows a normal distribution. The boundaries of the intervals (shades) are then set so that each of them ‘theoretically’ contains one third, or ca. 33%, of the partners.

Consequently, the lower and upper limits of each category differ for every query.

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