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Partner Search. What is it? What is it for?

keep.eu has a partner search section since December 2016, created at the request of several Interreg and ENI CBC programmes. Other websites in the sector, mainly from programmes, already contain areas for networking, which can be very useful in that they provide fora for discussion of possibilities and understanding the potential of possible new partners to include in new project proposals.

Keep.eu’s area of Search for Interreg and ENI CBC partners has the same goal but at a European scale, covering hundreds of programmes and tens of thousands of projects, and taking advantage of all the partner data that keep.eu has collected together with their project data since 2000. Anyone looking for potential partners in a new endeavour can do it in this area. The lists contain the partners whose presence and / or contacts in keep.eu were entered in the database as part of the overall project data, and also those organisations that are looking for partners and directly signed up to keep.eu looking to be contacted by matching organisations. Any user can sign up to keep.eu and ask to be listed.