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Thematic criteria in keep.eu. Why so many?

The most seamless thematic search that keep.eu users can make employs the 42 keep.eu themes. These themes are the result of a negotiation involving the main stakehoders of keep.eu at the time of its launch. Each project in keep.eu, regardless of its programming period or financing source, is classified according to one, two or three of these themes.

The regulations and the agreements applying to Interreg, Interreg-IPA cross-border and ENI CBC in 2014-2020 brought in some complexity. Indeed, all of those types of programmes have, in this programming period, their own sets of objectives, priorities and indicators. Keep.eu users can also employ them as filters to get more easily to the results that they need.

Furthermore, keep.eu makes it possible to look for projects according to their contribution to European Union macro-regional strategies.

Lastly, keep.eu users can also screen projects based on a fundamental classification of their expenses – whether they financed infrastructure and construction works or not.