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Keep.eu’s data for networking and thematic capitalisation

One of Interact’s fields of work is the promotion of networking and thematic capitalisation, not only within Interreg but also in a broader scope, encompassing other sources of funding (ESF, Horizon Europe, among others) in such a way that Interreg results feature in the broader EU policy picture. The goal is to magnify the value of project results, namely by identifying prospect connections among programmes and funding sources, and by pinpointing project chain possibilities. Inclusive growth is one of the thematic fields that is dearest to Interreg. After all, Interreg itself is based on the premise that no one is to be left behind.

Interreg alone has rolled out tens of thousands of projects throughout the years. The resource of capitalisation to tools such as keep.eu is therefore unavoidable, as sources of qualitative and quantitative data. Recent examples of capitalisation studies all resort to keep.eu. Among them, the following outputs should be highlighted, given the current importance of the themes that are their focus:

Please refer to Interact’s library for more material on inclusive growth and the inclusive growth network, here, and for material on capitalisation in general, here.