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Renewed statistics now in keep.eu

Have you noticed that you can find your very own statistical overview of Interreg in keep.eu?

The tables and charts of keep.eu’s renewed Statistics now cover all the themes, all the countries and regions, all the types of Interreg programmes, all the programming periods since 2000 – and more. The four new Statistics pages have all those figures, as well as an area featuring Interreg numbers per population and area. This makes the figures much easier to compare. You can also check which countries and regions cooperate the most, on what and with which other countries and regions.

For all of those figures, use the filters to select which regions or countries you want to compare, which thematic areas, which periods, and which programmes. You can then opt for exporting the data to worksheets or export the tables or charts as images.

Also check out some interesting charts included in Statistics. Those are examples of charts for your use. Please feel free to suggest any other types of charts that you could find useful in your work. To send us your suggestion, use the contact form on the top menu of the website. We will appreciate your suggestion – and will definitely work on it.