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EUR 13 493 773.80 (21 712 714.57)

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EUR 22 701 942.00

Total budget

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EUR 27 082 276.20

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  • LV Latvia / Latvija (Latgale, Pierīga, Rīga, Vidzeme, Zemgale)
  • RUS Russia (Ленинградская область (Leningrad Region), Псковская область (Pskov), Санкт-Петербург (горсовет) (City of St. Petersburg))

Objectives, priorities and indicators

Thematic objective : Business and SME development

Programme priority

  • 1.1. Promotion of and support to entrepreneurship
  • 1.2. Development and promotion of new products and services based on local resources

Strategic Objective

  • Promote economic and social development in regions on both sides of common borders

Result indicator (measurement unit)

  • R1.1 Increase in number of operating small business (Increase in numbers)
  • R1.2a New cross-border products and services based on local resources (Product/service)
  • R.1.2b Development of local services and products for attraction of tourists in the region (Quantitative analysis of results of a survey)

Common output indicator (measurement unit)

  • COI 1- Number of business development organisations receiving support (organisations)
  • COI 2- Number of enterprises substantially and actively involved in projects as final beneficiaries (Enterprises)
  • COI 3- Number of enterprises participating in crossborder business events (Enterprises)
  • COI 7- Number of improved cultural and historical sites as a direct consequence of programme support for the purpose of development of local entrepreneurship (Cultural and historical sites)
Thematic objective : Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Programme priority

  • 2.1. Efficient management of nature objects
  • 2.2. Joint actions in environmental management
  • 2.3.Support to sustainable waste and waste water management systems

Strategic Objective

  • Address common challenges in environment, public health, safety and security

Result indicator (measurement unit)

  • R2.1a Increase of number of visitors to improved or newly developed objects of natural resources (Persons)
  • R2.1b Sustainability of natural resources for improved attractiveness of Programme territory (Qualitative analysis of the state)
  • R2.2 Capacity of relevant stakeholders and general public for sustainable use of natural resources (Qualitative analysis of the state)
  • R2.3 Capacity of relevant stakeholders for sustainable use of waste and waste water management systems (Qualitative analysis of the state)

Output indicator (measurement unit)

  • OI 2.1 Number of objects of natural resources with improved condition and sustainability (Objects)
  • OI 2.2 Cross-border initiatives for promotion of sustainable use of natural resources (Initiative)
  • OI 2.3 Number of institutions using Programme funding for capacity building actions (Institutions)

Common output indicator (measurement unit)

  • COI17- Number of persons actively participating in environmental actions and awareness raising activities (Number of persons)
Thematic objective : Promotion of border management and border security, mobility and migration management

Programme priority

  • 3.1. Improvement of border crossing efficiency and security

Strategic Objective

  • Promote better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capital

Result indicator (measurement unit)

  • R3.1 Improved competence level and skills of land border crossing personnel (Ratio of cars to personnel- Ratio of trucks to personel)
  • R3.2 Increased throughput capacity of the border crossing points (Increase of passenger flow)

Common output indicator (measurement unit)

  • COI35- Number of border crossing points with increased throughput capacity (Border crossing point)

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