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Achievements (EN): Construction of the motorway has started and the section from Daskalovo to Dolna Dikanya is already completed. The still unfinished part is app 132 km long and this Application covers 68.480 km of it. For tendering purposes the envisaged works are divided into four lots.


Lead Partner: National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects

Address: 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

Legal status: n/a


Project name (EN): STRUMA MOTORWAY

Project acronym: STRUMA MOTORWAY

Period: Other

Date of latest update: 2022-06-23

Project start date: 2013-06-01

Project end date: 2020-12-31

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 3 980 000.00

Project part of European Union Macro-Regional or Sea Basin Strategy: EUSDR

EUSDR Priority (Policy) area / Horizontal action: Priority Area 1B - To improve mobility and intermodality - rail, road and air

EUSDR Degree of compliance: in line with the EUSDR

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National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects


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