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Expected Results (EN): R2.1. More sustainable joint natural and cultural heritage based tourist attractions.
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Specific Objective: Natural and cultural resources developed into sustainable tourist attractions
Thematic Objective: (06) preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency by:
Investment Priority: (06c) Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage


Lead Partner (EN): Kurzeme Planning Region

Lead Partner: Kurzemes plānošanas reģions

Address: Avotu 12, LV-3801 Saldus, Latvia

Legal status: public


Total budget: EUR 300 000.00

ERDF budget: EUR 240 930.00

Environmental Board

Name: Keskkonnaamet

Address: Narva mnt 7A Narva mnt 7A, 15172 Tallinn, Estonia

Legal status: public


Total budget: EUR 126 968.00

ERDF budget: EUR 101 968.00

Pärnu City Government

Name: Pärnu Linnavalitsus

Address: Suur-Sepa 16, 80098 Pärnu linn, Estonia

Legal status: public

Website (not verified):

Total budget: EUR 85 437.40

ERDF budget: EUR 68 614.78

Parks & Wildlife Finland

Name: Metsähallitus, Rannikon Luontopalvelut

Department: Rannikon Luontopalvelut, Coastal Finland

Address: Kärsämäentie 8, 20300 Turku, Finland

Legal status: public


Total budget: EUR 238 805.05

ERDF budget: EUR 179 103.79

NGO West-Estonia Tourism

Name: MTÜ Lääne-Eesti Turism

Address: JAAMA 1 JAAMA 1, 90302 LIHULA, Estonia

Legal status: private


Total budget: EUR 214 562.60

ERDF budget: EUR 172 315.22


Project name (EN): Nature access to all

Project acronym: NatAc

Period: 2014-2020

Date of latest update: 2020-10-27


Project start date: 2019-05-01

Project end date: 2021-10-31

Project status: ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 965 773.05

European Union funding: EUR 762 931.79

Co-financing sources: ERDF


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Environmental Board

Nature access to all

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Pärnu City Government

Nature access to all

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Parks & Wildlife Finland

Nature access to all

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MTÜ Lääne-Eesti Turism

Nature access to all

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Kurzeme Planning Region

Nature access to all

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