Extension of the voivodeship road No 812 on the section Korolowka - Wlodawa

Programme 2014 - 2020 Poland - Belarus - Ukraine ENI CBC
Date of latest update: 2023-07-01


Description (EN): Read more
Website: https://www.pbu2020.eu/en
Expected Results (EN): Decrease of travel/transportation time in the regions (baseline value - 8; target value - 4)
Expected Outputs (EN): Number of districts benefitting from modernized/created transport services and infrastructure - 1. Number of partnerships established in order to modernize/create the environmentally friendly transport systems or services - 1. Total length of reconstructed or upgraded roads (ENI/CBC 27) - 4,88.

Thematic information

Thematic Objective: Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems

Partners (2)

Lead Partner: Województwo Lubelskie

Address: Artura Grottgera 4, 20-029 Lublin, Poland

Legal status: public

Total budget: EUR 6 653 700.00

ENI budget: EUR 5 636 349.27



Address: Kievskaya Pl 9, 43027 Lutsk, Ukraine

Legal status: public

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Project name (UK): Розширення провінційної дороги № 812 на ділянці Korolówka - Włodawa
Project name (EN): Extension of the voivodeship road No 812 on the section Korolowka - Wlodawa
Project name (PL): Rozbudowa drogi wojewódzkiej nr 812 na odcinku Korolówka - Włodawa

Project acronym: RDW812

Project start date: 2018-10-10

Project end date: 2020-12-09

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 6 653 700.00

Total EU funding (amount): EUR 5 636 349.27

Total EU funding (co-financing rate): 85.00%

Co-financing sources:

  • ENPI/ENI/NDICI: Amount, EUR 5 636 349.27.


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Zakończyła się rozbudowa drogi wojewódzkiej numer 812 na odcinku Korolówka - Włodawa.

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Type of document: Video / film

Data source: http://rdw812.lubelskie.pl/en/video-spot-about-the-road/

Publication date: 2022-05-27

Document date: 2020-11-16

Languages: pl

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2014 - 2020 Poland - Belarus - Ukraine ENI CBC

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