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Specific Objective: Increase in the cross border labor mobility
Thematic Objective: (08) promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility by:
Investment Priority: (08 ETC) ETC specific, for cross-border cooperation: promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility by integrating cross-border labour markets, including cross-border mobility, joint local employment initiatives, information and advisory services and joint training

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Lead Partner: Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä (OSEKK)

Address: 90220 Oulu, Finland

Legal status: n/a

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Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä (OSEKK)

Working together

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Project name (SV): Arbeta tillsammans
Project name (EN): Working together

Project acronym: Arbeta tillsammans - Working together

Project start date: 2020-03-01

Project end date: 2022-09-30

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1 497 128.00

Total EU funding (amount): EUR 973 133.00

Co-financing sources:

  • ERDF: Amount, EUR 973 133.00.

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Financing programme

2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A Sweden - Finland - Norway (Nord)

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