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Description (EN): The project main objective will be to improve the quality of life in the cross border area through management of environmental resources as a tool for sustainable development for the Paggaio, Borino, Madzharovo CB region.
Expected Results (EN): Specific objectives and expected results are to decrease water loses using technical measures, to promote integrated efforts to ensure drinking water supply and to decrease water sources pollution by treatment of the waste water.

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Lead Partner: Δήμος Παγγαίου


Legal status: n/a

Община Маджарово

Name: Община Маджарово

Address: 1 Petar Angelov str., 6480 Madzharovo, Bulgaria

Legal status: n/a

Община Борово

Name: Община Борово

Address: 1 Hristo Botev str., 4824 Borino, Bulgaria

Legal status: n/a

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Δήμος Παγγαίου

Water Management interventions

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Municipality of Madzharovo

Water Management interventions

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Община Борово

Water Management interventions

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Project name (EN): Water Management interventions

Project acronym: WAMI

Project start date: 2012-03-19

Project end date: 2014-03-18

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1 881 058.08

Total EU funding (amount): EUR 1 598 899.36

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2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)

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