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URL. Get results’ URL. How to shorten the URLs?

Keep.eu gives its users the chance to return to the same searches (and updated search results) whether the search is for projects and/or documents, programmes or partners. All that the users need to do is to click the button Get result URL.

The URLs thus produced by keep.eu are very long, because they contain all the search criteria of any given search. This can pose problems if one needs to use these URLs in software that limits the length of the URLs contained in its links.

Keep.eu cannot produce shorter URLs, nor can it by itself help its users shorten them. However, the keep.eu team can suggest the use of online services in place to shorten URLs. These services are commonly used and we have used some with good results. Among the services that populate the Internet offering URL-shortening services, three most used are listed below:

These services are listed above exclusively for the benefit of keep.eu’s users, and they are examples of URL-shortening services. Interact does not benefit in any way from these services and is in no way connected to them. Keep.eu cannot be held accountable for any issue stemming from their use.