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Data. Who contributes to keep.eu? How?

Interreg programmes from all strands supply their own data (regarding their projects and these projects’ partners) to keep.eu. Interact is the programme responsible for maintaining and developing keep.eu. It thus periodically contacts the remaining programmes in order to receive data on new projects. Besides data collection, Interact’s role in connection with keep.eu’s data processing is as follows:

  • Interact receives the data from the programmes and makes sure that all the mandatory fields are complete before being uploaded to the database (this may take several interactions with the programmes providing the data). Regarding 2014-2020 data, there are two ways that the programmes can use to send their project-partner-call data: Either they fill out and email to keep.eu an Excel template or they adopt the standard automatic data transfer. At the time this entry was updated, we are working on the methods for 2021-2027 project-partner data-sending.
  • After making sure that all the data is in the system, Interact classifies the projects per up to three themes, out of 42 themes (check entry Themes. What are they? How are they assigned to projects?).
  • Only after classifying each project by one, two or three themes each data set is imported to the database. Even at this stage, issues related with details of data set can arise, which means that the data-production cycle can take many days, from the moment a programme sends its data to Interact until this data is published on the website.

Keep.eu also features data from IPA-IPA cross-border programmes (but these are a contribution of the CBIB+3 project), besides data from projects of the European Union macro-regional strategies (collected directly by the keep.eu team).