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Expected Results (EN): The aim is for the Russian slaughterhouses to apply for and become incorporated in the European TRACES system (TRAde Control and Expert System), in order for them to be able to export their products to the EU region.
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Thematic information

Thematic Objective: Business and SME development

Partners (3)

Lead Partner: Lapin Nahka Oy

Address: Hitsaajantie 2, 96910 Rovaniemi, Finland

Legal status: private

Total budget: EUR 638 318.00

ERDF budget: EUR 159 579.50

ENI budget: EUR 159 579.50

Agricultural production cooperative HARP

Name: Agricultural production cooperative HARP

Address: Krasnoye, 166715 Krasnoye, Russia

Legal status: private

Izhemski olelevod agriculture kolkhoz cooperative

Name: Izhemski olelevod agriculture kolkhoz cooperative

Address: ul. Sportivnaja, 166700 Iskateley, Russia

Legal status: private

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Agricultural production cooperative HARP

Reindeer Meat - Quality High

Partners and Projects info
Izhemski olelevod agriculture kolkhoz cooperative

Reindeer Meat - Quality High

Partners and Projects info
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Project name (EN): Reindeer Meat - Quality High

Project acronym: RMQH

Project start date: 2018-10-15

Project end date: 2022-12-31

Project status: closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 638 318.00

Total EU funding (amount): EUR 319 159.00

Co-financing sources:

  • ERDF: Amount, EUR 159 579.00.
  • ENPI/ENI/NDICI: Amount, EUR 159 579.50.

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Financing programme

2014 - 2020 Kolarctic ENI CBC

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