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    A new feature recently added to Keep allows a search of 2014-2020 programmes according to the Thematic Objectives, Thematic Priorities and Common Output Indicators. As for programmes, the tool can be used e.g. for finding programmes with similar objectives and outputs to do benchmarking or other knowledge sharing.


    Many times reports are done over and over again using exactly the same format, with updated charts, tables and maps, besides some text. Having this in mind, keep.eu has a function allowing users to save their reports and update them automatically.

    Just log in to keep.eu and click BUILD REPORTS to learn more!


    The Interreg network on sustainable transport was prominently present at the TEN-T Days in Ljubljana at the end of April. At the network stand Keep was used to demonstrate the multitude of transport projects financed by Interreg. Letting people do their own searches resulted in many positive surprises when event participants noticed even their own projects to be available in the database.

    Don’t forget to use Keep for promoting your programme and projects as part of a bigger picture!


    The keep.eu team is always interested in making Keep as user friendly as possible. While browsing in keep.eu, don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts and ideas for further development by clicking on the contact button on the side of the page.

    During April and May altogether 40 programmes were trained in six training sessions about how to manage their programme


    We come to inform you that we will delete in the coming weeks all the personal data that keep.eu retained from your registration, except your user name and e-mail address.

    Indeed, with the user name and e-mail address you will have access to the same registration-only features of keep.eu, just as before. You continue, as before, to be able to contact possible beneficiaries of your programme, or partners to your project, or yet to be contacted by these if you so wish. You will also continue to have access to the reporting tool that was made specifically for keep.eu users to use elements, or resources, of keep.eu, such as maps, charts and tables, that update automatically whenever new data is inserted into keep.eu.

    We will keep your user name and e-mail address for as long as you remain a registered user of keep.eu – in principle for as long as keep.eu exists – or until you no longer want to be a registered user of keep.eu. You can unregister by e-mailing a request to unregister to keep.support@interact-eu.net. Please allow some days for us to remove your e-mail address from the list of registered users. You will be informed once you have been unregistered.

    In case you are mandated by your programme to edit data in keep.eu, please inform us to keep.support@interact-eu.net from your registered e-mail address. We will always confirm your claim with the head or your Joint Secretariat or Managing Authority. Also, please inform us, to keep.support@interact-eu.net, when you are about to leave your programme or you will no longer be one of your programme’s mandated editor. Your clearances as a programme editor will be removed and so will any future connections between your e-mail address and the programme which data you could previously edit in keep.eu. Your clearances will also be removed if any of the other editors from your programme asks that we remove them. On either case you will remain a registered user, unless you ask us to unregister. Also in case of a clearance-cancellation, please allow for some days for it to become effective.


    A constant flow of developments in ongoing in keep.eu. Since the last newsletters sent in the spring there have been many content and feature developments in Keep. Let us share some of the highlights with you as well as a sneak peek to some upcoming topics.

    We have a new logo

    With this new logo and the new overall designation keep.eu, the branding of the website and service formerly known as keep.eu now immediately conveys three simultaneous, basic and important messages: It’s about Europe, it’s a website, and its URL is keep.eu!

    Download logo

    24 current programmes are in

    So far, we have got 24 of the 2014-2020 programmes’ data in keep.eu. The transfer functions are being built and new programmes and projects are included in the database constantly. The aim is to have project data from all programmes in keep.eu no later than the end of March 2018.

    There are nearly 300 user sessions per day in keep.eu. In order to increase the visibility of the Territorial Cooperation projects, reaching a more representative data set is the highest priority for Keep. A strong support from the programmes is needed in this work.

    Programmes in keep.eu

    Share your search results

    There are constantly little new features built to Keep improving the user experience and usability of the portal. For instance, you can now access the direct URL to your search results in keep.eu to share your findings. To copy your URL link just click on the button “Get results URL” on top of your search results.

    Link to the currently ongoing projects under keyword “forest”


    The keep.eu 2.0 Group has been behind some of the biggest evolutions of keep.eu. With the technical evolution of keep.eu and the ability that programmes now have to seamlessly and fully work on the data that they publish in Keep, it was decided to replace the traditional keep.eu 2.0 meeting with different training sessions in different parts of Europe, thus closer to the contributors from the different programmes.

    The aim is for programmes to fully grasp how they can work on their data directly in the keep.eu system. These meetings should take place in the first half of 2018, and their organisation will depend on the expressions of interest from the Kekeep.eu 2.0 members and other programme users. A survey will be sent out to map the interest.

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