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News from keep.eu


    A newly added feature in keep.eu allows the user to select any NUTS 3 region and see not only the projects having involved the region in question, but now also programmes currently available in the region.

    Find your region here

    Easier to search for programmes

    Programme data being one of the corner stones of KEEP we have also worked on improving the searchability of programmes.

    At the moment, keep.eu holds data for 83 out of the 106 programmes of the current period. Out of these programmes, 12 have also project data available.

    The programmes in keep.eu

    Improved statistics

    The statistics section of the portal has been improved according to the feedback received in the keep.eu 2.0 working group in London. For instance, the numeric data on programmes and projects since the year 2000 is now clearly presented in a table.

    Check out the statistics


    We keep facing positively surprised people when presenting keep.eu to different stakeholder groups. We are convinced that many people out there could benefit from keep.eu but just don’t know about it. As you are an advanced user, we hope for your support in promoting the portal to your relevant networks.


    The new keep.eu is published!
    After many rounds of consultations and a lot of work we are proud to present the new keep.eu portal published today.

    Click yourself to the new features which include e.g.:
    Searching projects and programmes per regions
    Searching projects per Thematic Objectives/Investment Priorities
    Partner search tool
    Responsive layout

    All feedback about the new site is warmly welcome at keep.support@interact-eu.net.


    There is a lot of new data on the 2014-2020 programmes in keep.eu and more is continuously inserted.

    2014-2020 projects being added

    The new projects of the period 2014-2020 are currently being added to keep.eu. First programme to have its projects published was the Germany – Netherlands Programme.


    Programme website with thematic links

    The Interreg South Baltic Programme is using links to KEEP on the programme website. The thematic sections of the programme website provide links to thematically relevant projects in keep.eu.

    Linking to country-specific keep.eu data

    The Smart Specialisation Platform of the European Commission uses links to country-specific data in keep.eu to show the territorial cooperation projects implemented in the different countries of Europe.
    Coming up next

    New keep.eu portal soon here

    The whole keep.eu portal is undergoing a more thorough renewal. The layout and features will be more streamlined and better to use.

Data Updates